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It was established in 1980 by Mr.Rajesh Shah. Today, Maharshi has proven capable of meeting all needs from the design, development, production of machinery and packaging materials of reputable enterprises.

Maharshi is a pioneer in labelling technology and today has the highest number of machine installations in India. With a positive attitude, technology awareness, continuous research and development, and customer support, Maharshi has maintained a significant growth rate in excess of 20%, always holding the leading position at number 1 in India with more than 75% market share.

They are also involved in the production of stickers (decal labels) as a supporting activity and the most important input to the labelling machine. The Group has expanded its base of printing boxes (cartons), tags, flexible packaging films, etc. based on current market trends in packaging.



1980: Established Maharshi Corporation. Started with stainless steel vessels and built for the pharmaceutical industry.

1984: Started production of machines with a complete liquid filling line.

1991: Launched India’s first self-adhesive machine (Labelling Machine) with indigenous technology.

1992 & 1994: The labelling machine was certified by IIP (PACMACHINE).

1997: Introduction of digital servo technology for labelling machines.

2004: First time participating in ‘Interpack’ Germany.

2007: Introduced a complete pill counting line with in-house technology.

2008: Became a Partner of “Cognex” (Vision System – USA) in India.

2009: Won the National Award for Label Printing Facility presented by the President of India.

2012: Started to apply vertical shrink and shrink film in roll and cut form.

2014: Introduced horizontal shrinking machine with motion conveyor and digital servo.

2016: Acquired packaging machinery manufacturing company. Added in the product range of automatic box packing, collage, wrapping and shrinking, etc.


Maharshi was awarded for Innovative Packaging Machine and modern sticker labelling machine design (FIXONAME).

PACMACHINE ’92 by Packaging Institute of India.

PACMACHINE ’94 by Packaging Institute of India.

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