Tin Dan – “TDN” is a strategic marketer for special products in the Packaging Industry.

Official member of the International IHMA Association

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About Tin Dan Company

From 1998 to 2007

Tin Dan – “TDN” was originally known as a supplier of high quality packaging for production and security products for many different fields.

Our engineering team and research department have developed and perfected many anti-counterfeiting solutions. Tin Dan is one of the pioneers to create a turning point for anti-counterfeiting products in Vietnam.

From 2007 to 2010

During this time, Tin Dan has provided solutions for more than 40 brands and helped many businesses regain revenue from the counterfeit market share, such as: Ajimomoto, Dulux Paint, Maxilite Paint, SJC gold…

With technicians well-trained in packaging equipment in Korea and accumulated experience in the field of packaging, Tin Dan has provided the first machines to customers’ factories with many different operating functions: labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, shrinking machine…. .

The success in more than 90 major projects for many big factories such as: Vissan Food, CJ Food, Xuan An, Imexphar, Vipesco, etc. has helped Tin Dan to build credibility and trust of customers.

From 2010 to 2012

Tin Dan has expanded our market to more than 14 other countries: India, Cambodia, Paskitan, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. With many automation solutions, especially in production, helping businesses save costs and produce efficiently.

In Vietnam, Tin Dan’s products have been present in more than 30 provinces and cities with many different manufacturing industries.

From 2012 to 2018

Tin Dan became a member of the first IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) association in Vietnam and continues to provide state-of-the-art brand protection solutions for major brands at risk of counterfeiting. Tin Dan also continues to improve the quality of machines and equipment for the production and packaging process.

With a lot of experience in the packaging industry combined with advanced Hologram Technology, we will provide the most optimal solutions for customers to fight counterfeiting at a reasonable cost.

The Vivian Hologram solution just launched in August 2020 will satisfy all your detailed security requirements, helping us build a global reputation for our quality, reliability and service. We always closely monitor the situation and development of the market to focus on security requirements for the future.

Up to now, “TDN” is one of the leading enterprises in providing anti-counterfeiting solutions in Vietnam, helping you to protect your product brand in the best way.

The Track and Trace system not only eliminates counterfeiting, but also helps customers manage and ensure the safety of their product distribution system. We believe that anti-counterfeiting strategy is a long-term effort so we will support you with the optimal solution, plan and evaluate your anti-counterfeiting strategy, and come up with the most suitable solutions.

With the motto “go ahead and get ahead”, we always take the strictest measures to limit counterfeiting. With our dedication and in-depth experience in this business, we have constantly strived to improve our position and become one of the leading providers of Hologram Solutions.

Over 10 years of developing industrial machinery and equipment, Tin Dan Trading Co., Ltd. has been gradually asserting our position in the supply of high quality industrial machines.

To be able to survive and develop firmly in the fiercely competitive market and to meet the increasing requirements of businesses, Tin Dan has constantly improved product quality, learned the most advanced new technologies to be able to provide comprehensive solutions for your business.

We are providing product lines such as: automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines, filling lines, printers, … imported from Germany, Korea will surely satisfy you.

Currently, our products are not only supplied to businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces, but have been present throughout the provinces of Vietnam and some other countries such as: Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

With a team of experienced staff and technicians, Tin Dan is always ready to accompany you to solve technical problems and provide cost-effective investment solutions.


“From a passion for technology, we are very pleased to be accompanying you in the past time. In the near future, Tin Dan and our factory will bring more new technologies that have been successfully applied in many developed countries to Vietnam. There will be difficulties, but we will try to bring the best value to our customers.

Thank you very much!”