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Wrap-around labelling machine

If you're struggling to choose the right wrap-around labelling machine to meet your needs, then look no further. Check out the article below to find the solution.
Explore the wrap-around labelling machine models available at Tín Dân

I. Guide to Choosing the Right wrap-around labelling machine for Your Needs

Depending on the needs of each business, the choice of a suitable wrap-around labelling machine will vary. To determine which type of wrap-around labelling machine you are looking for, you can consider some key points below. It's essential to clarify labelling needs before purchasing a machine to avoid buying an unsuitable one.

  • Where does the label need to be applied on the bottle? Is it on the body, cap, neck, or bottom of the bottle?
  • What type of label needs to be applied? Is it a decal label, glue-applied label, or shrink sleeve label?
  • What are the dimensions of the label to be used? What are the length and width of the label? How is the inner and outer diameter of the label roll?
  • What is the daily labelling requirement for round bottles? Note: It's crucial to consider the current production demand of the business combined with the forecasted growth in the next few years to choose a machine with suitable capacity.
  • What type of bottles need to be labeled? Are they plastic bottles, glass bottles, or metal bottles? What are the dimensions, height, and diameter of the bottles? Do the bottles have any special shapes, such as tapered, bulged, or recessed?
  • What is the labelling requirement? Do you need to label around the body of the bottle (wrap-around labelling), single-sided labelling, double-sided labelling, corner labelling, or two-sided labelling with label positioning?

To choose a labelling machine that suits your needs, not only helps you save initial costs but also avoids unnecessary waste. Therefore, we would like to suggest you review our detailed guide on how to choose a labelling machine to find the best option for you. Click on the image below to see the detailed guide.

Click on the image to see the detailed guide

II. Where to Buy wrap-around labelling machines at Good Prices & Ensured Genuine Quality

Choosing to buy a wrap-around labelling machine is a crucial decision and requires a significant investment. To ensure convenience, efficiency for work, as well as smooth machine operation throughout the usage, you need to select reputable suppliers with high expertise to support repair and resolve issues during usage.

If you need advice on labelling machines or have any questions related to the product, please feel free to call us via the hotline number for enthusiastic and prompt support. We will assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your needs.

At Tín Dân, we are always proud to offer high-quality equipment and listen to understand the needs of customers. We are committed to providing thoughtful advice and proposing cost-saving solutions while ensuring quality, aiming to maximize customer satisfaction.

III. TOP 3 Automatic & Semi-automatic wrap-around labelling machines Bestsellers 2024 at Tin Dan

1. Automatic wrap-around labelling machine TDN-ABW

Automatic wrap-around labelling machine TDN-ABW is a series of wrap-around labelling machines using decal labels, which can be applied to various types of bottles such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, aluminum bottles, etc. With 2 options TDN-ABW130 and TDN-HLCB1000, depending on the usage needs, businesses can choose the suitable automatic wrap-around labelling machine. The machine requires bottle diameters from 15 - 110 mm or can be customized according to requirements.

The automatic bottle labelling process can be applied to labelling one side of the bottle, commonly used for wrapping around the round bottle body or round bottles with steps on the upper and lower edges of the bottle. labelling speed ranges from 50 - 120 bottles per minute, suitable for large-scale production lines. Therefore, this is a good choice for businesses wanting to optimize their production process and ensure product quality.

Technical Specifications
Type of Labels Used All roll decal labels (including clear decal labels)
Maximum Label Size

TDN-ABW130: 280 x 130 mm (Length x Width)

TDN-HLCB1000: H-Basic: 320×160 mm (Length x Width). H-500: 800x160mm (Length x Width)

Label Roll Diameter Inner: 76 mm - Outer: 300 mm
Accuracy ± 1 mm
labelling Speed

TDN-ABW130: 50 - 80 bottles/minute

TDN-HLCB1000: 70 - 120 bottles/minute

Bottle Diameter

TDN-ABW130: Diameter 15 - 110 mm

TDN-HLCB1000: Customizable

Machine Dimensions

TDN-ABW130: 2000x700x750 mm (Length x Width x Height)

TDN-HLCB1000: Customizable

Warranty 12 Months

2. Automatic double-sided labelling machine TDN-ABW130SL

Automatic double-sided labelling machine TDN-ABW130SL is a series of decal labelling machines suitable for round bottles such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, ... with bottle diameters from 15 - 110 mm. With the ability to label on both sides or just one side, the machine can be customized to meet customer needs, such as double-sided labelling with or without label positioning.

The device uses decal labels and operates automatically, with labelling speeds ranging from 30 - 40 bottles per minute for single-sided labelling and from 20 - 25 bottles per minute for double-sided labelling. This automatic double-sided labelling machine is one of the most popular choices in industries such as liquor bottles, fish sauce bottles, ... as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing industries.

Technical Specifications
Type of Labels Used All roll decal labels (including clear decal labels)
Maximum Label Size 280 x 130 mm (Length x Width)
Label Roll Diameter Inner: 76 mm - Outer: 300 mm
Accuracy ± 1 mm
labelling Speed

30 - 40 bottles/minute (Single-sided)

20 - 25 bottles/minute (Double-sided)

Ideal Bottle Diameter Diameter 15 - 110 mm
Machine Dimensions 1500 x 930 x 1230 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight 100 kg
Warranty 12 Months

3. Semi-automatic wrap-around labelling machine with date printing TDN-WR2

Semi-automatic wrap-around labelling machine with date printing TDN-WR2 is an semi-automatic wrap-around labelling machine. This device can label various types of bottles, from PET bottles, glass bottles to metal bottles with diameters ranging from 20 - 120 mm, ensuring flexibility and diversity in use. The machine uses decal labels to label two sides, only one side, or around the body of round bottles. With a labelling speed of 15 - 25 bottles per minute, this machine is suitable for small and medium-sized food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical production facilities.

In addition to the labelling function, this wrap-around labelling machine is also integrated with a date printing machine to meet the needs of manufacturers in simultaneously performing 2 functions: labelling and date printing. This helps reduce production time and optimize the production process, while saving time and production costs for manufacturing facilities.

Technical Specifications
Type of label used All roll decal labels (including inner decal labels)
Maximum label size 280 x 130 mm (Length x Width)
Label roll diameter Inner: 76 mm - Outer: 300 mm
Accuracy ± 1 mm
labelling speed 15 - 25 bottles per minute
Ideal bottle diameter Diameter 20 - 120 mm
Machine size 580 x 600 x 620 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight 30 kg
Warranty 12 Months

We hope you have found the suitable product after reading the introduction to the wrap-around labelling machine. If you need more information and advice, please contact us via hotline.

To ensure efficiency in large investments in machinery, you need to choose the right product to avoid compatibility issues in the long run. If you are in need of purchasing label applicators or other machinery products, please contact Tin Dan via hotline: 090 383 5500 for advice on the most suitable machine for your needs. We are committed to providing customers with the best products and services for their satisfaction.


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