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    Job position description, job title:

    – Consulting and proposing plans and business development strategies for the company.
    – Researching and analyzing competitors, market situation, and products to propose policies pricing, building business strategies to promote sales activities.
    – Identify customer needs and advise and propose appropriate products and services.
    – Create and Maintain trusting, long-term relationships with partners and customers.
    – Actively seek new business opportunities in the market.
    – Coordinate with departments and ministries department in the organization to ensure business activities run smoothly and rhythmically.
    – Ensure sales goals are completed before the Sales Director.
    – Regularly Send periodic sales results reports to superiors

    Candidate requirements:

    – Must have graduated from a foreign university with majors in Business Administration and Economics
    – Have 3 years of working experience as a Business Development and Consulting Specialist, Advisor business, business development experts at foreign companies operating in the field of commerce and retail business
    – Have good communication and negotiation skills, have a high sense of responsibility in work job.
    – Communicate fluently in English to facilitate business exchanges with foreign customers.

    Application deadline: January 1, 2024 to March 30, 2024
    Contact information
    Ms Mai – 0909702019

    Personal Information Protection Policy

    Purpose and scope of collection

    Data collection by TIN DAN TRADING COMPANY LIMITED includes: email, phone, customer name, address. This is the information that TIN DAN TRADING COMPANY LIMITED needs customers to provide when purchasing products on the website. Contact for confirmation when customers register to purchase on the website to ensure consumer rights.

    Scope of information use

    The company uses the information provided by members to:

    • Provide the latest products to customers.
    • Notice about shipping and customer support.
    • Provides information related to the product.
    • Process orders and process customer requests.

    Information storage time

    Customer data will be stored on the server of TIN DAN TRADING COMPANY LIMITED. When customers want to stop storing, they can contact the company to stop storing.

    Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

    Customers can update information at any time by visiting the website of TIN DAN TRADING COMPANY LIMITED.

    Committed to protecting customer personal information

    TIN DAN TRADING COMPANY LIMITED ensures that all information collected will be kept securely. We protect your personal information by:

    • Limit access to personal information (only when logged in can you see information personal information).
    • Use technology products to prevent unauthorized computer access.
    • Delete your personal information when it is no longer needed for storage purposes our profile.