Scratch-off SMS label



A scratch-off SMS label is a type of anti-counterfeiting label that utilizes a scratch-off layer to conceal information and integrates with the ability to send SMS messages.

This label typically has a scratch-off area, similar to mobile phone scratch cards, to hide QR codes or other important information. When consumers remove the scratch-off layer, the QR code or information is revealed. They can then scan the QR code using a mobile application or QR code scanner to verify the authenticity of the product.

In addition, the scratch-off SMS label also incorporates the capability to send SMS messages. Consumers can send an SMS message to a provided phone number or address to verify product information. The SMS message can contain an authentication code or information related to the legality of the product.

By combining the scratch-off layer and the ability to send SMS messages, the scratch-off SMS label provides a multi-channel approach to verify the authenticity of the product and prevent copying and counterfeiting.


  • High Security: The scratch-off SMS label provides a high level of security for product information. With the scratch-off structure, this label prevents unauthorized access and tampering of the information concealed beneath the scratch-off layer. Additionally, combined with SMS messages, users need to authenticate the information by removing the scratch-off layer and entering an authentication code, making copying and counterfeiting more difficult.
  • Reliable Authentication: When users remove the scratch-off layer, they find the authentication code required to send via SMS message. This creates a reliable authentication method, ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of the product information.
  • User-Friendly and Deployable: Scratch-off SMS labels are user-friendly and easy to deploy. Users simply need to remove the scratch-off layer to access the authentication code, and then send that code via an SMS message. This process is simple and convenient for both users and manufacturers.


  • Limited Durability: Once the scratch-off layer is removed, the scratch-off SMS label loses its durability. This can make it difficult to verify product information after the scratch-off layer has been removed.
  • Network Dependence: To send the authentication SMS message, users need to have a mobile network or Wi-Fi connection. Without a network connection or with a weak connection, the authentication process may be interrupted or unsuccessful.


Scratch-off SMS labels can be effective in enhancing security and verifying product information. By combining the scratch-off layer and SMS messages, this label creates a reliable authentication mechanism, preventing copying and counterfeiting of product information. It provides trust and reliability for consumers and ensures the integrity of product information. However, the effectiveness of scratch-off SMS labels also depends on the sensitivity in implementing the authentication system and the compliance from end users, as well as the ability to manage and monitor to prevent counterfeit activities.

Scratch-off SMS labels can be used in various industries, including electronics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, fashion products, etc.