Cream tube filling machine

It has a rotating plate and a tube that moves from the tube tank to the tray through 12 stations for filling.

Air sealing system for plastic tubes or multilayer tubes.

No tube, no pour. Stamping logo when sealing.

High precision and no drip when filling.

Error 1% of pouring weight.

Flow Meter Filler

Flow meter filler can fill a variety of bottles and bags with different shapes.

Using advanced technology filling system from Korea to prevent foaming and dripping.

The automatic machine uses an extremely sensitive dosing sensor system at each filling head.

It is suitable for handling viscous and foamy products in fields such as chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

Gravity Filling Machine

Gravity filling machine is suitable for corrosive chemicals such as lubricants, pesticides, paints, bleach, etc.

Controlled by PLC touch screen. Easy and convenient adjustment.

Large tank volume, ultra-high anti-corrosion design./span>

Suitable for large volume products. No bottles, no fillings.

Piston Filling Machine

Filling products such as solid soaps, sauces, mineral water, shampoos, lotions, etc.

Filling capacity can be up to 150 products depending on product type.

All parts in contact with raw materials are made of 316 stainless steel.

The filling pistons are controlled by the servo system.

The filling pistons are controlled by the servo system.

No foaming during filling.

Screw Filling Machine

Screw Filling Machine is known as powder filling machine, suitable for many kinds of powder such as milk powder, tea powder, coffee powder, seasoning powder, protein powder, pepper powder, etc.

PLC control with servo system ensures high accuracy and repeatability.

Extremely high degree of automation and precision with ingredients such as flour, coffee, cereals, confectionery and more.

Available in medium to large capacity, various heads and different types of powder filling depending on the product.

Cleaning is convenient and fast, the level of loss in the powder filling process is a top priority.

Tablet Filling Machine

Productivity up to 6000 tablets/minute.

Automatic tablet product control through high-tech driver.

There are 12 single slots for tablet filling

It is possible to flexibly and simply switch between products.

Can be used for a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

Weight Filling Machine

Controlled by PLC touch screen. Easy to adjust.

Each pouring head is adjustable and equipped with a precision weighing system.

The electrical sensor and control system are supplied from a famous Korean brand.

It is suitable for products with large volume. No bottles, no fillings.

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