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Pharmaceutical Filling Machine

 Tin Dan’s pharmaceutical filling line helps speed up the modern pharmaceutical production process. The machine specializes in filling capsules, tablets, veterinary drugs, physiological saline, vaccines, eye drops, etc. according to international GMP – WHO standards.

Promote production for small and large scale.

Control of sterility and precise volume distribution.

Helps to operate continuously to meet output demand.

Provides automatic or semi-automatic control of the production process.

Injection and vaccine filling line

 This is a very efficient line used to fill injections, vaccines, physiological saline, etc. into vials. After filling, the vials will be placed with rubber stoppers on top of the vials to protect from contaminants.See details !


Filling line for capsules and tablets

 This line of Tin Dan is capable of filling many types of tablets, hard capsules with different shapes, sizes and characteristics. See details !