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What is holoQR anti-counterfeiting label ?

HoloQR anti-counterfeiting label, also known as holoQR encoding one, is an anti-counterfeiting label product with a perfect combination of e-beam holographic technology and advanced digital QR code technology. The QR code on the holoQR anti-counterfeiting label is different from others, as it is not printed or laminated by any traditional way. This QR code is part of the hologram design, so it enhances the security level of the QR code and that has made this QR code more difficult to duplicate. And the label uses hologram e-beam technology – a super product of security technology that is very difficult to copy, so holoQR anti-counterfeit label is hardly to be counterfeited.

HoloQR anti-counterfeiting labels with different shapes and features are suitable for different industries such as alcohol, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, electrical and industrial parts, merchandising, electronic goods, etc. In addition, on holoQR encrypted labels, there are images, logos, character codes or a combination of them depending on the needs of customers, in order to enhance the security. The images, logos can be printed or embedded in the hologram. The character code can be printed, laser engraved or embedded on a hologram.


HoloQR anti-counterfeiting label

Benefits of using holoQR anti-counterfeiting labels

Recognize genuine products with the naked-eye through security features on holoQR labels with anti-counterfeiting solution using superior E-beam hologram technology.

HoloQR labels are integrated with digital technology to quickly verify genuine products through mobile applications without an internet connection.

Help to remove end-users’ concern at the spot of purchasing products on how to identify if the products is genuine or not.

Full support for track & trace function (If needed).

How to authenticate holoQR anti-counterfeit label ?


Depending on the security features on the holoQR anti-counterfeiting label, customers can use the mobile application to authenticate the genuine product in just a few seconds through the character code, QR code, image or logo on the label.

You can open the mobile app recommended by Tin Dan to scan the character code on the holoQR encoding label. The application will mark the code with a white frame on the screen and you just need to click on it to perform the verification. If the code is correct, the message confirming the genuine product will be displayed and you can see the detailed information about the product. Otherwise, an unsubscribed message will be displayed.

You can use this app for quick verification scans for authentication purposes, track & trace with QR code on labels. To scan a QR code, the image on the holoQR anti-counterfeit label must be tilted so that the black color has the best contrast. Black is the most difficult color to produce on holograms and only a few manufacturers can do it. For other functions, all applications deliver the same result as coding above.

With the image and logo on the holoQR encoding label, you select the appropriate function on the app, scan the image and follow the prompts to perform the verification and without having to click anything else. The application will scan and process automatically. For other functions, all applications deliver the same result as coding above.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions are applied in many industries