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What is SMS anti-counterfeiting label ?

SMS anti-counterfeiting label (electronic anti-counterfeiting label) is anti-counterfeiting label that combine digital technology and SMS call center systems. End-users can quickly and accurately authenticate genuine products through call center. On each label, there isa code beneath scratch panel and a text message printed on it. This encryption is decoded by specialized software, so each label will have a unique code.

When checking, you scratch off the scratch panel to get the authentication code. After that, you use your phone to send sms messages to the call center according to the syntax, and call center will forward the authentication request to the system. Next, the system authenticates and sends an alert response if code is not exist on the system or it is exist on the system or it was requested to authenticate too many times. If it is correct, the call center will send feedback with details of the product and manufacturer. The process is very quick and can be checked anywhere with a smartphone.


Regular SMS electronic anti-counterfeiting label


SMS anti-counterfeiting label

Specification of SMS anti-counterfeiting label

SMS anti-counterfeiting label integrate technology to authenticate genuine products by SMS messaging system.

Electronic anti-counterfeiting label can be produced using breakable paper, conventional paper, metalized decals, hologram labels.

All information inside the electronic anti-counterfeiting label is secured by computer software. You can manage inventory, customer information and other necessary information.

Authentication code (security code) consists of 8-14 characters including letters and numbers, and cannot be duplicated.

SMS system: the system checks and answers by automatic number. The authentic response message will contain information such as origin of product, etc.

This electronic anti-counterfeiting label is made up of 3 main components: authentication code (security code), authentication syntax, and related information of products and businesses.

Types of SMS anti-counterfeiting label


You should use the type of electronic anti-counterfeiting label in accordance with the requirements of the product:

Labels use conventional paper or metal decals.

SMS electronic label using breakable paper material: used as sealing labels, activating warranty.

Anti-counterfeiting electronic label using hologram materials have more advantages such as being able to stick on different types of products easily, can be preserved for a long time, withstand impact, and have high aesthetics.

SMS anti-counterfeiting label combined with QR codes with serial numbers printed on the labels are a perfect solution for anti-counterfeiting.

In addition, they can also be combined with other anti-counterfeiting technologies such as heat, light, and water technology to enhance anti-counterfeiting capabilities.

What's special about Tin Dan's SMS anti-counterfeiting label?

SMS anti-counterfeiting label developed by Tin Dan is a perfect combination of hologram labels and modern digital technology. They perform authentication via SMS call center, but they are manufactured using e-beam hologram technology that is superior in anti-counterfeiting. So it is a technological marvel in terms of security and extremely difficult to copy. You can recognize labels by naked-eye easily and quickly without assistance.

To better understand about QR code labels and effective anti-counterfeiting solutions for businesses, please contact Tin Dan. We will answer your questions and requests as soon as possible.


Electronic anti-counterfeiting label

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