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What is Heat-resistant anti-counterfeit label ?

Heat-resistant anti-counterfeit label, also known as Vivian label, is an anti-counterfeiting label with a superior combination of hologram labels using e-beam technology and heat-resistant technology. Therefore, it is very difficult to be copied and reused by heating.

The hologram film formed on the surface has a special molecular structure, so the label can be stored for up to 3 years. At normal temperatures, the adherent particles will transform themselves into a structure to become non-hardening and at hot temperatures, the Vivian label will exist in a difficult-to-melt form, so it will stay on the product for a long time for sure. If you intentionally apply heat to it in any way to reuse the label, it will react to that impact and cannot be reused.

Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting with Heat-resistant anti-counterfeit label

There are more and more cases of using the heat torch method to get real anti-counterfeiting labels and then use them for poor quality products. This action adversely affects the Reputation, Brand and Business revenue. So what is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label for corporate products? Anti-heat anti-counterfeiting label will be the perfect anti-counterfeiting solution with all the criteria of an optimal anti-counterfeiting label.

Anti-heat anti-counterfeiting label has a strictly controlled production process to ensure that the labels provided to customers are unique, so it cannot be counterfeited by other factories with the same technology. This helps prevent counterfeiting of anti-counterfeiting label products provided by Tin Dan. With e-beam technology and anti-heat method, it ensures that any heat impact makes the label ABSOLUTELY NOT REUSABLE.

In fact, after 3 to 6 months of applying anti-heat anti-counterfeiting labels on products, many businesses have regained the market share that was previously owned by counterfeiters. This makes an important contribution to protecting the Company’s brand and creating trust for consumers when choosing to buy products of the business. So, it is recognized that the anti-heat anti-counterfeit label is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label for corporate products.

The benefits of using anti-heat anti-counterfeit label

4 outstanding values of vivian label


Customers can confirm that it is a genuine product when looking at the anti-heat anti-counterfeiting label with naked-eye.

Built-in software to identify e-beam hologram images by mobile phone or mobile Apps (if necessary).

Real labels cannot be reused intentionally by torching.

Avoid hesitation and worry when spending money to buy genuine products but do not know how to confirm which products are genuine.

Integrate automation in production when gluing anti-heat anti-counterfeiting label against heat


In addition to the optical security and physical properties of anti-counterfeiting labels, Tin Dan has had great success in combining information technology to manage products such as import and export, track & trace, authentication via SMS or QR code, GS1 product supply chain management system, etc.

Currently, the difficult problem for domestic customers is finding comprehensive anti-counterfeiting labels and how to automatically apply anti-counterfeiting solutions to the production line. Understanding the needs of customers, Tin Dan has brought a solution to integrate anti-counterfeiting solutions at the factory with the following models: anti-counterfeiting labeling machines, decal labeling machines…

With automation equipment according to European standards, Tin Dan has been helping businesses find solutions to the problem of required output, reducing labor costs and reducing cost components. Tin Dan has installed many automatic lines that integrate anti-counterfeiting solutions on products for customers. All of them satisfy the desired criteria of the customer.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions are applied in many industries