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SPC was established in 1989, with 30 officers and employees producing and trading 03 pesticide products mainly consumed in Ho Chi Minh City. To date, SPC has over 500 officers and employees working at 18 affiliated branches domestically and internationally. With more than 250 products including: Plant protection drugs, sprayers, agricultural tools, plant seeds, chemical fertilizers,… Serving agricultural production, distributed in 04 Southeast Asian countries.


The machine works quite well, better than the 2 old machines, adjusting many types of bottles is very easy ” – This is a familiar assessment that our care team received from Mr. Phuong – SPC technician, within more than 2 years since the machine started operating.


   In early 2019, SPC is having square and flat bottle product lines that need to be labeled 2 face. There are 5 different types of products from 100ml to 5l that need to be supplied to the market with increasing quantities. There are two difficulties in labeling all SPC products. The first is changing the products from smallest to largest with different label sizes. Next is the need to ensure accuracy with high-speed labeling. This is also something that many businesses are facing.

   Previously, SPC used 2 labeling machines, but at one time the machine only applied Labels represent a fixed type of product. Every time I change to another product type, it takes nearly a whole day to adjust the machine. Even after returning to the old product, it took almost a whole day to adjust and the accuracy was no longer the same as the first time. This makes SPC extremely worried and urges them to look for new machines to overcome the above difficulties.


   SPC has researched many units but has not found a machine that meets the requirements. However, through exhibitions, SPC got to know Tin Dan. A unit with more than 10 years of experience in the field of industrial machinery and equipment. SPC can see the difference between Tin Dan machines and those on the market.

  From there, SPC decided to come to Tin Dan to learn more about the machine, through discussions and direct viewing labeling machine is one of the world’s top Herma, the HLST2000 automatic square bottle labeling machine provided by Tin Dan has a labeling speed of can be up to 120 bottles/minute, the error is less than 1mm, and adjusting parameters when replacing products and replacing labels is very easy, the operation takes less than 5 minutes, unlike any other machine. may be more appropriate for SPC. Through test runs of SPC products, Tin Dan has proven that the value of the machine can completely meet the expectations of SPC. Not long after, SPC decided to cooperate with Tin Dan to provide the HLST2000 automatic square bottle labeling machine for its factory.


   The machine acceptance process was completed in just 1 day under his witness. SPC technician, Tin Dan technician and Mr. Chan – the company’s technical expert from Korea came to the SPC factory to support acceptance.

   In the first days of contact with the machine, SPC technicians were a bit confused when operating the machine as well as adjusting the machine from Herma which is quite modern. Unlike previous SPC machines I used to use it when I needed to change labeled products. However, with the support of Tin Dan, after 1 day, SPC technicians were able to operate it and adjust the machine easily every time I changed products. .

   After using the labeling machine provided by Tin Dan, SPC has been significantly reduced number of employees. At the same time, it also shortens production time. Products are labeled accurately and it does not take much time to change products because the machine does not have to be stopped for too long.

   SPC has completely mastered the HLST2000 machine after 1 year of operation. Since then, SPC has used the machine for all of its existing two-sided products.

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