SaVipharm – Full responsibility


SaVi Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Savipharm) was founded in August 2005 by Specialist Pharmacist II – Meritorious Physician Tran Tuu. Savipharm operates in three main areas: manufacturing drugs and related products, storing and distributing drugs, research and development and training. Savipharm’s operating foundation is five core values: Top quality, Full responsibility, Continuous innovation, Friendly partners, Sustainable development.


As a pharmaceutical company, SaVipharm constantly updates technology to improve machinery to meet the strict standards of hygiene and precision in the pharmaceutical industry.

Due to increased product demand and the need to ensure stability, SaVipharm has added tablet counting machine (Tablet counting) provided by Tin Dan. Not only does it improve productivity, but it also shortens production time and reduces labor significantly (because the machine is completely automatic).

It is known that the Tablet counting machine is imported exclusively by Tin Dan from Maharshi factory. Filling with counting system Smart, extremely sensitive and accurate sensor.

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