NKP Pharma – The leading factory in South Asia


  Established in 1988, N.K.P Pharmaceutical Private Limited is just a pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturing company. We are differentiated by our desire to grow to be the best, providing value to our customers through innovation and service. We made our mark in 1996 with a line of higher-volume sterile injection products. In the following years, we moved forward by increasing our global footprint, establishing a RND center that helped us deliver better, more innovative products. And we are considered one of the best companies in our field.

  Health is the most precious thing for anyone. The complexity of the human body requires extensive research and innovative solutions. Therefore, to bring effective healthcare solutions to the people, it requires the ingenuity and passion of every detail of the production chain.




  Automated machines used for Sterile Injections were introduced in India by German and American companies in the 1970s. At that time, the local industry was still nascent and far behind foreign competition. Imports had dominated the market for a number of years.


  Mevada established N.K. Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1988. From the beginning, we have stood out for our responsiveness to what the industry wants, especially reliability. We have also studied international standards and guidelines to improve our products..


  Gradually, we introduced more automation into our products to save costs, save time and eliminate human intervention in sterile areas. This has helped increase productivity and reduce waste from the customer. In the early 90s, engineering company N.K. has supplied several aseptic filling lines with lower output to leading Indian companies. Our machines are of the same quality and cost-effectiveness as those made by German and American companies


   1996 was the year of new beginnings for engineering company N.K. We have introduced higher production sterile injection line in India which has made us one of the leading domestic manufacturers in this field. After that, we slowly entered the international market.


  Our turning point came in 2000 when we started N.K. Pharmaceuticals Private Limited – pharmaceutical preparation unit. Our research and development team had put a lot of effort into designing user-friendly machines. We understand how important our machines are in sterile dispensing units.


 Globalization is important for manufacturing industries. It focused on the management market for more profit and expansion, leading to the re-introduction of many imported brands. N.K.P. challenged the growth of imported brands in India by developing similar machines. Our excellent research and development team has improved the quality of machines, increased efficiency and reduced human intervention.


Mission:: To be one of the leading suppliers about high quality machinery, accessories and services with international standards and quality to help our customers improve their global competitiveness.

Vision: Continually improve internal systems and processes to satisfy every customer by finding innovative solutions to their requirements. Besides, providing growth and development opportunities for every employee with an environment that supports effective work performance.

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