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 Along with the development of Vietnam’s economy, MD PHARCO has developed rapidly over time, growing stronger in both scale and quality.

 MD PHARCO has built a professional distribution system nationwide, providing the market with many medicinal products of high quality, effectiveness and safety for users.

 Minh Dan Pharmaceutical Factory is designed and built with a modern machinery and equipment system according to the standards of the World Health Organization. The factory has been certified as a factory meeting GMP-WHO, GLP and GSP standards” issued by the Ministry of Health.

Development Research

 MD PHARCO’s production technology focuses on pharmaceutical products in solid form, including tablets, film-coated tablets, hard gelatine capsules, powder/granules. Therefore, advanced specialized machinery is required to meet productivity. MD PHARCO has imported advanced machines from abroad such as packaging machines, powder vaccine extraction machines, pill counting machine.. automating the factory’s production line.

 Even as MD PHARCO focuses on developing new technologies, MD PHARCO continuously monitors research performance. Providing quality products at low cost and without compromising on quality.

 Tin Dan is one of the leading imported machine suppliers in Vietnam from which MD PHARCO purchased powder vaccine extraction machines to serve its manufacturing industry. Tin Dan Company specializes in providing imported production machinery including Maharshi factory (one of the most prominent factories in South Asia).

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