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Requirements of the bags labelling machine:

 Surface treatment: Make sure the label adheres to the entire surface of the bag.

 High Efficiency: The bag does not stick to the others, each bag is removed from the feed tray.

 Fast switching times: Fast switching between different products.

The bags labelling machine is used for bag packaging of different shapes and sizes, from thick bags such as zip bags, aluminum bags, PVC bags in the food industry to thin, soft bags such as PE bags, , PA bag.

The bags labelling machine has a compact design. It has a desktop version to easily optimize workplace space. It’s easy to use, suitable for everyone.

Automatic Table Bag Labeling Machine | PBLM130

Model PBLM130
Label Size Min: 15 x 30mm / Max: 130 x 250mm
Label roll standardn Core roll 76mm, outer diameter 300mm
Speed 20 - 30 bags/minute (depending on bag size)
Position error ±1.5mm
Bag Size Min: 100 x 100mm / Max: 320 x 320mm
Bag Thickness 0.2mm-2mm
Pocket compartment Height 70mm
Kích thước máy R: 680 x D: 500 x C: 740mm
Air source requirement 5 bar
Weight 40kg
Power supply 100-240VAC 500W

Automatic Thick Bag Labeling Machine | HTLM130

Model HTLM130
Label size Min: 15 x 15mm; Max 130mm x 200mm
Decal label roll Φ300mm, Lõi: 76mm
Position error ± 1,5mm
Speed 75 products/minute
Product Size Min. 20 x 80mm / Max. 270 x 280mm
Product thickness Min 0.2mm
Bag compartment height 75mm
Machine size R: 810 x D: 420 x C: 730mm
Weight 40kg
Power supply  100~240VAC | 500W

In addition, Tin Dan also provides bags labelling machine with integrated bag dividers on the conveyor according to customer requirements. Just supply the bag once, the machine will take out each bag to label until finished.

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