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Unlike labels that contain product information, Sealing Stamps are usually sealed in open positions of the package, such as an “L” label that seals the corner of a box or a seal that is placed between the lid and bottle body.

Tin Dan has both semi-automatic and automatic machines to suit different requirements.

Requirements of corner sealing labelling machine

 Accuracy: Sealed labels are usually small and medium in size, so precise labelling is required.

 Label Checking System: There is always the option of the machine to reject labels or products that have a bad location.

Automatic Corner Sealing Machine | HLST1000L

The bottle corner sealing labeling machine helps to seal the neck and body of the bottle, creating proofs of integrity on the package quickly.  

Model HLST1000L
Label roll diameter 300mm
Speed ~ 25m / min
Label Size  As required
Error ± 0,4 mm / Using step motor
Product Height As required
Speed Depends on the size of the product and the length of the label.

Automatic Sealing Machine | HLST2000C

Model HLST2000C
Product Rectangular box shape, stable size
Product size 100 – 300 x 100 – 250 x 50 – 200 mm (D x R x C)
Origin Germany
Label size 40 - 160 x 120 - 400 mm (R x D)
Speed 60-120 ppm
Error 0.7mm
Air source Do not use

Automatic Sealing Labeling Machine | BTL752C

BTL752C can seal labels for many types of boxes with different sizes and specifications. It is used to seal 3-side or 4-side of boxes with only 1 wrap around the label at a rate of up to 60 products/min. In addition, it can label a number of flat bottles placed on the conveyor

Model BTL752C
Product Box log format, dimensionally stable
Product size 100 - 300 x 100 - 250 x 50 - 200 mm (D x R x C)
Speed 60 sản phẩm / phút
Label size 40 - 160 x 100 - 400 mm (R x D)
error 60-120 bpm
error 0,7mm
Air compressor 6 PA