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Automatic Filling Machine

Improve production speed

Automatic filling machines help factories to produce many times more than semi-automatic or manual filling and can shorten production time.

High accuracy, less deviation, reduce material loss

Manual filling has a high difference in product capacity in different bottles. With the automatic filling machine, the weighing, quantitative measurement of capacity and volume are absolutely accurate, thereby reducing material loss to the lowest level.

Flexibility in changing bottling requirements

Each part of the machine is flexibly designed so that it can be easily changed to suit different products. It can fill all kinds of bottle sizes and shapes when changing some parts of the machine.

Simple control and easy operation

Fully automatic control and customization by HMI 4’3 in touch screen.

Easily upgrade output in accordance with production needs

It is used as an automation solution for from small production facilities with simple filling requirements to modern, automatic filling and bottling lines that require high quality and food safety.

Save production costs and improve competitiveness

With high durability and stability during operation, there is very little maintenance and the cost for them is very low.

Automatic quantitative filling machines gradually replace human in the lines.

Principle of filling

Normal pressure filling

It is based on the principle that the liquid flows into the bottle by itself due to the difference in height. This filling method is suitable for filling low-viscosity solutions such as cooking oil, soft drinks, juices, etc.

Vacuum Filling

The bottle is connected to a vacuum system, creating a pressure difference between the bottle and the container for the solution to flow in. This principle is often used when it is not possible to keep the container at a height to use the normal pressure filling principle.

Isostatic Filling

This method is used for filling carbonated solutions. People put CO2 gas into the bottle, but the pressure in the bottle must be equal to the pressure of the container. Next, they will take advantage of the height to let the product flow into the bottle.

Rated-type quantitative filling
Valve-type quantitative filling

Filling Principles


Intelligent automatic filling machine fills all liquid products, high consistency, viscous form – cream, tablet….
Number of heads: 2 – 12 heads (depending on requirements). Bottle capacity: depending on product requirements.
Capacity meets from 50 to 300 bottles / min (maybe more).
The automatic filling machine uses two common technologies, piston and servo, with an intelligent fine-tuning mechanism.
Frame made of 304 stainless steel. All other parts are 316 stainless steel.
If there is no bottle, the machine will not fill, PLC controls the filling volume accurately.
With different types of raw materials, we have different selection methods, easy to use, replace and clean. One machine can match multiple SKUs at the same time and has real-time adjustment capabilities.
CParameters can be adjusted without stopping the machine. Accuracy ± 1%.
Easy maintenance, no need for any special mechanical tools.
Flexible design for easy assembly and disassembly with labeling machines, bottle feeders, bottle capping machines, etc.
The filling system from the bottom of the bottle is built-in to minimize foaming during the filling process.

Filling lines