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Slurry filling machine

The thick solution filling machine is one of the filling machines used commonly used in the production and filling of cosmetics, creams, oils shampoo, medicine, food, etc. This equipment is capable of filling and packaging thick and viscous liquid products. Helps the production process be carried out quickly and effectively.
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Operating principle of thick liquid filling machine

The thick liquid filling machine operates on the principle of suction and pressure. When the product is introduced into the extraction vessel, the feed head is placed close to the product surface. An external pump creates pressure and pulls the product up into the feed head. The product flows through the feed tube and is filled into the product container.

The machine can be adjusted to meet the filling requirements of different products. It can also be combined with other equipment to package products in different bottles.

Classification of slurry filling machines

There are many different types of slurry filling machines depending on the production requirements. Here are some main classifications:

1. Based on automaticity we have:

  • Machine mini filling for thick fluids
  • Semi-automatic slurry filling machine
  • Automatic slurry filling machine

2. Based on the principle we have:

  • Pump filling machine: as the name suggests, the machine uses a pump to move the product products through the pipeline, to the tap and into bottles and packaging. Each extraction nozzle will be equipped with 1 pump. Usually using Servo pumps or peristaltic pumps, pump parameters will be selected to best suit the product.
  • Piston filling machine is one of the most popular types of thick liquid filling machine. The machine uses pistons to fill products into containers. Piston filling machine can fill thick and viscous products, such as lotion, shampoo, etc.
12-head liquid filling machine
Filling machine 12-head piston liquid filling

The thick solution filling machine is a device that liquid filling important in the production and packaging of thick and viscous liquid products. To meet the production requirements of different products, there are different types of viscous liquid filling machines such as piston filling machine, rotary cap filling machine, volumetric filling machine, screw filling machine and vacuum filling machine.

If you are in need of producing thick and viscous liquid products, consider using a thick liquid filling machine to increase your production efficiency.

Top 3 most purchased thick liquid filling machines in 2022

TF40 Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine - Heated Filling Machine

Cosmetic cream filling machine is a Automatic filling machine used to package products such as lotion, sunscreen, shower gel, toothpaste... into plastic or aluminum tubes. The structure of the machine includes: conveyor belt, tube supply system, control system, positioning system, filling system, capping systemand testing system. The machine has 1 filling head and 12 filling stations, with an air seal system for plastic tubes or multi-layer tubes. Speed of 40 products/minute with high accuracy of only ±1% error.

Product viscosity : 400 – 5000 or more Centipoise (CP ). Shampoo, Mayonnaise, glue, honey, skin medicine, toothpaste, condensed milk...
Pouring range : 3g – 250g.
Productivity : 40 products products/minute.
Exact : ± 1%.
Tube length : 45mm – 200mm.
Size : 1900mm x 1400mm x 2200mm (Length x Width x Height).
Pouring principle : Quantitative pump filling.
Origin : Korean.< /td>

Chili sauce filling machine PF150-CS - Automatic filling machine

Chili sauce filling machine belongs to the machine line Liquid filling is designed to package products with high viscosity from 10,000 – 50,000 Centipoise (cps). Speed up to 110 products per minute, high accuracy ± 1% error. The machine uses the piston filling principle so it is easy to fill products such as chili sauce, ketchup, thick sauce, mayonnaise and some other types of dipping sauces.

Product viscosity : 10,000 – 50,000 Centipoise (cps). The finished products have high precision.
Number of pouring heads : from 4 - 24 oil.
Productivity : can have up to 110 products in one minute.
Filling range : 100ml - 500ml - 1000ml - 5l.< /strong>
Exact : ± 1%.
Principle of filling : Piston filling
Origin : Korean

Lubricant oil filling machine WF80-LBC

Because lubricant is a non-friction fluid Newton (liquid changes volume when the ambient temperature changes), so the lubricant oil filling machine applies the principle weight filling for packing lubricants, lubricants, lubricating oils... Lubricant filling machine includes: conveyor belt, filling system, oil supply part, control system, automatic bottle supply and capping system. Filling range from 500ml - 1000ml - 5l. Productivity 80 bottles per minute (can be higher according to customer requirements). Suitable for medium and large businesses.

Product viscosity : 1 – 80 Centipoise (cps). The finished products have low viscosity.
Operation direction : From left to right.
Number of pouring heads : from 4 - 24 oil.
Productivity : can have up to 180 products in one minute.
Filling range : 100ml – 1000ml - 5l.
Exact : ± 1%.
Principle of filling : Quantitative filling
Origin : Korean

Frequently asked questions about slurry filling machine

Yes, the viscosity filling machine can fill liquid products, Medium thick and viscous.

Used to fill thick and viscous products such as chili sauce, milk bath, sauce, laundry detergent, honey, lotion, lubricant, cosmetic cream... into containers containing PET bottles, glass bottles, jars, jars, cream tubes, tubes.< /p>

Pidton filling machine is used to fill thick products such as creams and soaps. room and other special products...

The viscosity filling machine cannot fill solid products or products There are large particles such as: coconut jelly, aloe vera, powder products...


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