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Flow Meter Filler

The filling machine or dosing machine is divided into two methods: dosing by volume (liquid products) and dosing by volume(powder, solid), that is, extracting a certain volume or weight of the product into jars, bottles, jars, containers…

    • Volumetric filling machine: Apply the piston and servo dosing principle used for low-viscosity liquid products, even some high-viscosity products (chili sauce, honey, washing liquid).
    • Weighing Machine: Applying the principle of measuring cup, screw and quantitative balance used mostly for the chemical, cosmetic and food industries (spices, milk powder, coffee).

It has been widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, etc. The dosing by machine improves hygiene conditions, ensures high productivity and accurate product dosing.

It ensures high, stable productivity and meets safety standards HCCAP, GMP, ISO. Depending on the filling material, the equipment will have differences in the main working parts and the filling structure.

Outstanding Features

Has a large capacity (2-24 nozzle ).
Diverse filling materials, suitable for almost all liquids to be filled.
Flexibility in dismantling parts for customization and integration and assembly.
Equipped with fully automatic control on the touch screen, so it is high productivity and simple to use.
Has fast filling speed, high accuracy and low error.
The main material is 304 stainless steel with high durability. The filling part in contact with the material is made of 316 stainless steel.

Popular dosing styles

Quantitative filling machine using valve

This is one of the simplest mechanisms including: graduated measuring vessel, three-way valve, flexible venting tube, connecting tube for filling the measuring vessel and tube for filling the measured volume into the bag contain.

The amount of fluid entering the measuring vessel depends on the position of the lower end of the catheter.

Valve-type quantitative filling

Measuring vessel and slide valve quantitative filling machine

There is a spring at the bottom of the tank to keep the slide valve in the lowest position. At that time, the mouth of the measuring vessel is below the liquid surface of the container. When the slide valve is raised a certain distance, the measuring vessel containing the liquid will be raised above the open surface in the tank.

CAt the same time, the sealing of the holes in the slide valve and the bushing will take place, the liquid in the measuring vessel will flow into the reservoir bag. After the liquid has flowed out, the measuring vessel is lowered, the liquid continues to flow into the measuring vessel and the cycle repeats. The volume of liquid that flows into the package is equal to the volume of the measuring vessel. Therefore, when a quantitative change is required, we must change the measuring vessel of appropriate volume.

Isometric type quantitative filling machine

The type of isostatic mechanism is used to avoid loss when pouring CO2-filled liquid.

The working cycle of this mechanism is: Filling the package with gas, the pressure of the gas and the gas filled liquid is equal ➙ Open liquid filling hole➙The liquid flowing into the container does not have a pressure difference on the surface, but only flows through the difference in head ➙ Fill up to a predetermined level or over time (usually without a dosing device) ➙ Close the liquid inlet hole.

Quantitative filling isostatic type