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CJ FOODS VIETNAM CO., LTD is a 100% Korean-owned company specializing in food production, food import and export, fruit and vegetable preservation & other consumer food items. Established in 2016, a Bibigo brand of the company has become familiar to consumers through product lines such as Korean Mandu pancakes, kimchi, tofu, seaweed, flour…

CJ Cheiljedang – with the pride and dream of 60 years of history, has instilled a passion for food starting with the production of the first table sugar in Korea since 1953. Accompanying the cultural development cuisine of the country, and created the brand “Bibigo” representing Korean cuisine to the world.

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   As one of the leading Korean food manufacturing companies in Vietnam, to provide equipment for the factory line, it is necessary to meet international standards. With the coln square box product coming out and gluing 4 sides of the box body at a minimum speed of 60 boxes/min, it was a challenge to find labeling equipment.



   Prior to 2018, Tin Dan achieved the first step in cooperation with CJ by supplying printers to CJ factory. In 2021, having been a partner for more than 3 years, CJ is very confident in the support services and machines provided by Tin Dan. When there was a new product labeling machine project coming soon, CJ gave the opportunity to CJ’s partners, including Tin Dan, to find suitable labeling equipment for the project.

   Responding to CJ’s trust along with more than 10 years of experience in providing quality industrial machinery and equipment, Tin Dan did not hesitate to join CJ’s project.

   The shape of the coln box along with the 4-sided labeling is difficult, requiring the label to be also standard, so the product testing stage before finishing the machine is done very carefully. Through discussions and detailed labeling plans, Tin Dan introduced to CJ the world’s top labeling machine Herma with automatic 4-sided labeling. Herma’s world-class 4-head labeling machine with a speed of 25m/min, precise gluing and speed is no longer a problem. The machine error is very small, only ±1mm and the machine design is also compact, not occupying the workshop area.

   Not only that, Tin Dan also conducted many test runs directly on the machine, with the results could not be better in both accuracy and speed when labeling. Mr. Hoang, did not hesitate to share after the project was completed: “During that time, CJ also constantly searched for many other labeling machine suppliers but still could not find a labeling machine that met the requirements. as of the Faithful.”



   With careful preparation and the world’s top labeling machine Herma, the acceptance test at CJ factory was completed and successfully completed in just 1 day, then the machine could go into production quickly, making the management board happy. The management of CJ company is very satisfied and more confident about the quality of Tin Dan machines.

   After being put into operation for more than 2 months, the gluing machine works to reduce the number of workers at the labeling stage, with only 1 person standing the machine to operate and process. The adjustment of parameters when replacing products and replacing labels is very easy, the operation is less than 5 minutes to ensure that the machine stops for too long in production. CJ customers do not hesitate to praise the machine quality and Tin Dan’s support service to accompany them during the epidemic season.

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