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Stellapharm Joint Venture Company Limited was established in 2000 (formerly known as STADA – Vietnam Joint Venture Company Limited). Currently, this is the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical export in Vietnam and especially the European market (SRA).


In Vietnam, STELLA Group has not only built a pharmaceutical factory that meets the most stringent standards in the world pharmaceutical industry, but also has a regional production capacity. Always meet the requirements of modern automated machinery and equipment with the production line, especially the extremely accurate packaging and filling process, requiring the use of a number of specialized machines such as: tablet counting filling machine, vaccine syringe filling machine.

Products with the brand name STELLA produced here are specialty drugs in hospitals for diseases ranging from critical to chronic and acute diseases in many different specialties, with the same quality as European medicines.

Tin Dan is one of the leading suppliers of imported machines in Vietnam that STELLA bought tablet counting machines to serve its production industry. Tin Dan Company specializes in supplying imported production machinery including Maharshi factory (one of the most prominent factories in South Asia).

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Tin Dan tablet counting filling machine.

The size and scale of the Maharshi factory.

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