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SaVi Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Savipharm) was founded in August 2005 by Specialist Pharmacist II – Excellent Doctor Tran Tuu. Savipharm operates in three main fields: production of drugs and drug-like products, drug storage and distribution, research, development and training. The foundation of Savipharm is five core values: Top Quality, Full Responsibility, Continuous Innovation, Friendly Partner, Sustainable Development.


SaVipharm is a pharmaceutical company and constantly updates technology and improves machinery to meet the strict standards of hygiene and accuracy in the pharmaceutical industry.

Due to increased product demand and to ensure stability, SaVipharm has added a tablet counting machine provided by Tin Dan. It helps to improve productivity and shorten production time, significantly reducing labor (because the machine is fully automatic).

Tablet counting machine imported by Tin Dan exclusively from Maharshi factory factory with intelligent counting system, extremely sensitive and accurate sensor.

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Tin Dan’s tablet extractor provides

The size and scale of the Maharshi factory.

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