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In 1996, Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) Company was established with a small foundation. Thanks to the efforts of the staff and the great support from consumers, the Company has constantly grown, becoming the leading brand of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Rohto has been honored to be voted and awarded by organizations and consumers with awards such as “Typical Enterprise”, “High Quality Vietnamese Goods”… Rohto’s products are present in all provinces and cities of Vietnam, at hundreds of retail points nationwide, in large and small stores and supermarkets. In addition, Rohto products are also exported to foreign markets.



   In 2014, Rohto worked with Tin Dan to learn more about machines in production. For the next three years, we kept talking to get to 2017, with the development of Rohto and the increasing demand for products, the products that need to be labeled and sealed are also increasing constantly, so Rohto decided to find supporting machinery to optimize production. With the trust of Rohto along with more than 10 years of experience in industrial equipment and machinery, Tin Dan is pleased to supply Rohto semi-automatic label separator, semi-automatic box sealing labeling machine to Rohto.



   From the first days of acceptance of semi-automatic label separators, Tin Dan and Rohto made great efforts to accept all existing Rohto products, and tested the machine 3 times to meet the needs of customers. Unlike the original solution for a semi-automatic box sealing labeling machine, Rohto’s actual box sizes are varied and out-of-standard when it comes to acceptance testing.

   However, that does not mean that Tin Dan hesitates. From the information gathered, Tin Dan and the factory spent 1 month developing a suitable machine for Rohto, which very few suppliers can do. Not only that, at first, a lot of support was needed in the first week because most of the machine operators at the Rohto factory were female, then everything gradually stabilized. Since then, Tin Dan technicians don’t have to support anymore, only when it’s time for maintenance, we will go to the factory.

   Thanks to the application of machines provided by Tin Dan, Rohto has improved productivity, shortened production time and reduced the number of workers significantly. Over the years, the durability as well as the quality of the Tin Dan machine has been proven, the Rohto technicians are more confident and assured when using the Tin Dan machine. Tin Dan always wants to bring to our customers a machine with stable quality, high durability, easy operation, low maintenance cost.


One of the interesting exchanges between Tin Dan technician Truc (A) and Rohto machine supplies manager Tran (B) during a routine maintenance in 2019

A: After more than 4 years of operation, how do you feel about Tin Dan machine?

B: Very good, the machine is stable, used for a long time without any damage, can be adjusted very quickly

A: How do you feel about Tin Dan's supportive care team?

B: Very satisfied and secure. Whenever there is a problem, Tin Dan technical support promptly and quickly by phone first so that if there is a problem, it can be handled immediately. If there is a problem that cannot be handled by phone, Tin Dan technician will arrange to check the machine very soon to ensure that the machine is not stopped for too long. At the same time, Tin Dan also regularly inquires and takes care to promptly support the arising.

A: Did you have difficulty in adjusting the machine?

B: Didn’t have any great difficulty, adjusting the machine is also quite easy. These machines have been deployed for most of the products, but a few are too specific and because the labels are too big, they cannot be used. I hope in the future, maybe Rohto and Tin Dan will work together to come up with a plan for these products.

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