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NAM PHUONG GROUP has more than 20 years of experience in Spices and Food. Nam Phuong Group’s orientation is to become one of the leading spices and food groups in Vietnam with familiar brands such as: Vi Xua Fish Sauce, Huong Xua Fish Sauce, etc.

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   The bigger the brand, the more difficult the product requirements are – because they simply want to be different and be able to “beat” the most demanding customers. It is a valuable experience that Tin Dan and Nam Phuong have experienced in this chili sauce bottle labeling project with the partners.

   In 2020, Nam Phuong started negotiating a chili sauce bottle labeling project with their partners. Partners need high labeling output but still have to ensure accuracy. Accordingly, the specific bottle design is difficult to accurately and symmetrically label, moving on the conveyor is also quite difficult and unstable due to this very specific design.

    The production of a special process for an unstable bottle surface that requires an accuracy of less than 1mm has caused many difficulties. The existing labeling machines in Nam Phuong’s factory do not meet the requirements of partners. Therefore, Nam Phuong needs to find a partner to supply a reputable and quality labeling machine that meets strict criteria.


   Nam Phuong knew Tin Dan through an introduction from Nam Phuong’s partner. Over the years of using the labeling machine provided by Tin Dan, Nam Phuong’s partners have known very well about the quality of the machine and the service provided by Tin Dan. When Nam Phuong needed to find a machine, Nam Phuong’s partner did not hesitate to introduce Tin Dan to Nam Phuong.

   QAfter discussions with a clear and detailed plan, and actual running times, Nam Phuong has seen the quality and efficiency provided by Tin Dan machines. In the third quarter of 2020, Nam Phuong decided to cooperate with Tin Dan to supply the HLST2000 automatic double-sided labeling machine to their factory.


   In fact, each bottle of flat chili sauce has an error, the bottles are not completely uniform, making the position of the label on the bottle after gluing also deviation. Nam Phuong is quite worried about this. How to label Nam Phuong’s standard products is something we constantly discuss together. After about a week, our efforts paid off, we created a standard for this product line. This makes Nam Phuong quite satisfied.

   After a few days of using the machine, Nam Phuong’s technicians gradually got used to Tin Dan’s way of operating and adjusting the machine. An operating technician Nam Phuong shared: “At first, it seemed difficult to do, but after a few days, it was simple and not like the old machines”.


An interesting conversation between Tin Dan’s technician Truc (A) and Nam Phuong’s technician Hoc at a talk during the gap period in 2021

A: The covid pandemic situation is quite stressful, have you been able to go back to work normally?

B: My company is doing 3 on-site jobs and has to periodically test for covid, so it’s quite hard.

A: Does the machine have any problems that need my support? In the past time, have you encountered any difficulties when using Tin Dan's machine?

B: No problem at all, the machine runs well, the operation is simple, the adjustment is fast, so we can handle it when the machine has a small problem. And when there is an error that needs support, I will report it to you immediately. When the pandemic stabilizes, ask Tin Dan to carry out periodic maintenance of the machine.

A: Yes, I will let you report to the team to schedule regular maintenance. We will contact you as soon as we have information.

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