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Tomcare was established in October 2007, currently operating in the field of providing supplementary feed for aquatic products and has achieved certain successes. In 2020, the company launched a completely new product: Chili Sauce, Chilica Minced Chili.

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   ABW130 automatic round bottle labeling machine is being used in the production line of Tomcare company.

   Currently, Chilica chili sauce has been very familiar to consumers, not only the quality products but the packaging also leaves an impression on users. With the design of bottles with top and bottom edges and transparent stickers (Clear-on-clear), it has caused a lot of difficulties when choosing a labeling plan that ensures the FAST-STANDARD-BEAUTIFUL elements.


   The criteria Chilica sets when labeling is that the speed must be fast to meet the speed of the filling line ahead, at the same time, the label must be accurate, must not climb the margins and most especially, must not leave air bubbles must not leave air bubbles when labeling the bottle. This is also a common difficulty when businesses use transparent plastic labels for their products. Especially the relatively soft plastic bottles.

   With the motto “all customer-oriented”, Chilica faces the challenges of labeling bottles. Worked with many units but could not find a satisfactory solution. With the desire to find a solution to bring the product to market. Chilica has reached out to Tin Dan – with a reputation of “specializing in treating” difficult-to-label products.


   Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hien, owner of the Chilica brand, commented that: “In terms of investment costs for labeling machines, it can be said that Tin Dan machines are higher than other machines on the market, but it’s true that the money is there, the quality is always there. goes hand in hand with the price.“.

   It has been 2 years since the machine was put into actual operation, all the problems that occured by the operator can be handled by themselves very easily. With TDN-ABW130, changing products is very fast, just 2 touches of HMI screen + decal change time + conveyor adjustment. All time less than 5 minutes. Does not interfere much with the hardware to help the machine have high durability.

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