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OPODIS PHARMA is a reputable and reliable brand specializing in the production of drugs and antiseptic products for medical, household and health care cosmetics. The products are applied on the results of scientific and technological research of projects of the Ministry of Health and the State, which are implemented by OPODIS PHARMA and have been produced since the 2000s until now.

Opodis Pharma Company


   Opodis Pharm always focuses on automating production from the simplest stages, including the Clinsoap sterilization bottle labeling line.

   There are four requirements:

  • Firstly, the machine must be able to label all of the factory’s square and double-sided flat bottles.
  • Second, the label size can vary from 20mm up to 160mm.
  • Third, the time to change bottles should not be more than 5 minutes.
  • Fourth, the machine must be made according to GMP-EU standards. 

With high standards, Opodis turned to Tin Dan’s automatic labeling machine to solve the problem.

👉About HLST2000 double-sided square bottle labeling machine.


   In 2016, Opodis cooperated with Tin Dan to provide automatic flat-bed labeling machines, 2-corner box sealing labeling machines (Model: HLST2000C – the world’s top labeling machine of Herma) for Opodis’s factory. After 1 year of using the machine provided by Tin Dan, Opodis technicians were satisfied with the quality, quick and easy machine adjustment, it only took 5 minutes for each product change. It also ensures accuracy when operating at high speed and continuously.

   In 2017, Opodis trusted and cooperated with Tin Dan to provide automatic labeling machine for round bottles (Model: TDN-ABW130) to serve labeling Opodis round bottles.

   In 2020, after 4 years of use, Tin Dan only received 1 technical request from Mr. Thuan – Opodis technician to come and calibrate the machine and replace Opodis with a tape.

   Tin Dan’s customer service staff said: “Oh, 4 years you replace up to 10 operators but the machine only has a piece of tape, you should buy a new machine.”

   Mr. Thuan smiled and said: “I know the quality of your machine. That is the reason that I recommend 1 more machine for the needed.”

   After 4 years of cooperation with Tin Dan, Opodis has completely believed in the quality of the machines provided by Tin Dan with dedicated and timely support service, making Opodis very secure in cooperation. In 2020, when a double-sided automatic labeling machine is needed for square and flat disinfectant solution products during the COVID-19 period, Opodis has chosen to continue to cooperate with Tin Dan to provide high-speed automatic double-sided labeling machine (Model: HLST2000), meeting the criteria of increasing productivity, reducing labor, and stable output. Thus, a version developed with a Herma-German label head was born.

Small interview at the factory

An interesting exchange between Mr. Phi, Head of Technical Department of Tin Dan (A) and Mr. Thuan, Opodis technician (B) in 2021

A: How do you rate Tin Dan's machine quality after 5 years of operation?

B: Very good! Used for a long time but no damage at all, can adjust the machine very quickly.

A: If the factory needs more machines, are you willing to recommend Tin Dan's machine?

B: Of course, your machines are well used, and the technical support and customer care services are also dedicated and timely, so I feel secure when using your machine.

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