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   In early 2020, when the Covid pandemic began to affect the world, medical products became increasingly scarce because of insufficient supply and demand. Lixco launched On1 dry hand gel products, antiseptic solution, On1 hand sanitizer to serve the prevention of pandemic.

   To be able to produce and bring to the market at a time when market demand is very high and social distancing is difficult. As factories reduce human resources, it is essential to find labeling equipment to minimize staffing and increase productivity.

  How to label so that there are no air bubbles, no wrinkles and accurate labeling, there are very few machines that can meet the requirements,… especially Clear-on-Clear labels are affixed to transparent round plastic bottles.


   After working with many suppliers but could not solve the technical problem, LIXCO consulted Tin Dan’s product with the desire to find a higher technology.

   After discussions and realizing the effectiveness of Tin Dan machines, Lixco immediately decided to invest in ABW130 round bottle automatic labeling machine with a speed of 40-120 products/minute and the HLCB1000 high speed round bottle automatic labeling machine with speeds up to 200 bottles per minute (information below). 

👉Machine information HLC W1000.


   With a detailed and accurate labeling plan, quality labeling machine, the acceptance test takes only 3 days to check and accept all LIXCO products that need to be labeled with the participation of LIXCO and Tin Dan technical staff.

   When first approaching Tin Dan’s labeling machine, LIXCO’s technicians could not believe that the labeling machine only needed to be adjusted directly on the screen and did not need to intervene with hardware every time the bottle was changed. But it is true and is the surprise of the technical team of LIXCO with the time to change bottles and labels in just 5 minutes.

   In one contact with a labeling machine with a Herma nozzle, LIXCO technicians were quite confused because they had never worked on a labeling machine that allowed direct adjustment on the labeling head, so they accidentally adjusted the language on the label shooter to another language and couldn’t understand it. With the support of Tin Dan, LIXCO technicians were able to adjust the English language for the Herma label shooter.

   Since using the labeling machines provided by Tin Dan, LIXCO has not only increased productivity, reduced labor, and accurately and efficiently labeled labels, but also stabilized output to the market.


A conversation between Tin Dan’s technician Tinh (A) and LIXCO’s technician Quy in a talk in 2022

A: When operating the Tin Dan machine, do you find it difficult?

B: No, it’s easy to operate. Just didn’t get used to it in the beginning.

A: Do the machines provided by Tin Dan have errors or arise that need further support?

B: Your machine is still running stable, very good, no major errors arise. Sometimes there are small problems, but I can fix it myself, and when there is anything that needs support, I will notify you.

Machine information HLC W1000.

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