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GN Food Joint Stock Company was established in 2009, with the goal of becoming a leading company in exporting frozen food. The company is exporting to Japan and some Asian and European countries.

The success of GN foods is thanks to high quality human resources, always for the development of the company and the company also brings many opportunities and challenges for young people to advance and stabilize in the future.

GN Food Co
GN Food Co


   In 2018, with the development of GN Foods, food products such as bags and boxes also have more and more varieties with different shapes, product sizes and label sizes. Every day, the GN Foods factory needs a large number of workers to label many of these products to meet the increasing output to the market. Despite the help of semi-automatic label separators, manual gluing is not effective in the long run for the company’s development, so GN Foods decided to change the direction of automation in production by applying automatic labeling machines.


   After discussions about Tin Dan’s plan and test runs on products that need to be labeled by GN Foods, Tin Dan proved that the machine conforms to the criteria GN Foods set forth. At the end of 2018, GN Foods decided to cooperate with Tin Dan to provide labeling machines to serve in the GN Foods factory. Labeling machines include: Automatic flatbed labeling machine (Model: TDN-TLM130); Automatic labeling machine on plastic bag packaging (Model: TDN-PBLM130); utomatic box corner labeling machine (Model: HLST-2000).


   With a detailed and accurate labeling plan, quality labeling machines, the acceptance takes place in just 3 days to check and accept all GN Foods products that need to be labeled with the participation of technicians from GN Foods and Tin Dan.

   Since using the labeling machine provided by Tin Dan, GN Foods has significantly reduced the amount of labor for labeling, increased productivity, reduced production time and stable product output.


Cuộc trao đổi thú vị của anh Phi – trưởng phòng kĩ thuật Tín Dân (A) và anh Tuấn – kĩ thuật GN Foods (B) trong một lần hỏi thăm năm 2021

A: What do you think about the quality of the machine provided by Tin Dan after many years of use?

B: Very good, very satisfied. The labeling machine provided by Tin Dan is very easy to use, especially it does not take much time to change products.

A: How do you feel about Tin Dan's support, warranty and routine maintenance services?

B: Very well, if we can’t handle the problems, you always support promptly and quickly when receiving information.Not only that, every few weeks you ask and take good care of yourself. Regular maintenance takes place regularly to help machines operate stably despite continuous operation. When maintaining, if you have any good suggestions for the machine, you clearly suggest it for us to consider, without forcing it, which makes me very satisfied.

Tin Dan double-head sealing machine HLST-2000C. Clear plastic labels

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