The filling line consists of various equipment such as: unscramblers or turntables, bottle rinsing machines, filling machines, bottle capping machines, etc. Each machine will have different uses and contribute to increasing production speed.

Tin Dan – “TDN” cung provides many filling lines with speeds from 1200 to 6000 products/hour, depending on customer requirements in different industries such as drinking and bottled water, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics. We have the right equipment line depending on your products.


Food filling line

Filling: cooking oil, honey, chili sauce, fish sauce…

Two important factors in the food industry are hygiene and operating at high temperatures. The food industry filling line is specially designed according to HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000 standards.

There are some businesses that have to meet more stringent requirements, so we can develop custom line solutions to suit all your products.

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Cosmetic filling line

Filling: cream tube, cream jar, lotion…

The cosmetic filling line is designed for high viscosity products such as gels, cosmetics, or foods such as butter, cream… Due to the high viscosity of the product, the line is equipped with a number of special features.

The cream filling line provided by Tin Dan always meets GMP or HACCP standards. The machine is designed with high-strength stainless steel and ensures hygiene and safety.

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Chemical filling line

Filling: lubricants, detergents, pesticides, etc.

The chemical filling line is specially designed with special rigidity for highly corrosive liquids to ensure safety in production. It has stable speed, high precision, suitable for all liquids with different viscosity.

It is completely tightly integrated with other machines in the line to reduce time and labor, significantly increase product productivity, and reduce material loss.

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Dây chuyền chiết rót dược phẩm

Filling: vaccines, pills, tablets…

We are the leading prestigious unit in updating drug filling lines (vaccine liquid form, capsule form, tablet form) from Korea and meet international GMP WHO standards.

The drug filling line with high precision, minimizes time and material loss, helps the factory to reach the highest level of productivity.

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