Vial and tube cap tightening machine

Used automatically to close the vial cap, hermetically sealed to protect the drug from the impact of the environment.

It is designed for continuous gear rotation for sealing applications of traditional aluminum caps, flip top caps and even specially designed caps.

Designed for installation in high temperature and control environments.

Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel or CGMP 316 stainless steel.

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Automatic vial capping machine NKCS – 80

Automatic vial capping machine NKCS - 80 is used to close the vial cap and seal the drug products to avoid the impact of the environment inside the container. It is controlled by PLC driver, with HMI 4'3 in touch.

Model : NKCS - 80.
SNumber of tightening heads : 1
Speed : up to 50 to 60 Vials/min..
Container volume : : 2 ml to 100 ml.
Machine material: : Inox 304 or Inox 316.
Origin : Korea - India.

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