Round bottle labeling and printing machine | AXON1

Labeling and printing machines can both print information and apply labels to the body of the bottle without having to print first and then label it like traditional ones. The printer has a high resolution of 300 x 600 dpi, so it prints clearly to every small detail. The error rate is very low below 1mm. After labeling the packaging has high aesthetics. Printing and labeling is controlled by a refined color touchscreen, with an intuitive interface suitable for all users. There is a system license software with the machine so you do not have to pay any extra costs. It can connect via PC, USB or WLAN.

Print and apply for Unstable media | PNA61

Designed to meet the needs of the factory to completely solve all printing and affixing requirements. Printed content: logo, date, variable data, management QR code

Model PNA61
Printing method Heat transfer printing
Print resolution dpi 300x300dpi
Print speed up to mm/s 125
Print width up to mm 162,6
Label material PPaper, plastic such as PET, PE, PP, PVC, PU, acrylate, PI
Power supply 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, PFC
Code Hermes 4

Curved & square label printing and labeling machine | PNA54

Print and label on all surfaces such as: flat surface, cylindrical surface, label around the corner of the box. A robotic arm equipped with vacuum suction is integrated behind the printer so that the printed labels will move on this arm to the label separator and glue on the product. It can also print while labeling.

  • Model: PNA54
  • Printing method: Heat transfer printing
  • Application: Printing labels on flat surfaces, curved surfaces, around product corners
  • Product Condition: For moving object
  • Placement of printers and labels: Above or beside the object
  • Object height: Fixed or changeable
  • Speed: 1800 products/hour
  • Label Type: All decal labels

Print And Apply Labelling Machine | PNA51

MThis is one of the first automatic label printers designed, which can be easily integrated into the factory data system and combined with all software from office to professional design. It is a label printer with the fastest labeling speed thanks to thermal transfer printing technology, so the printed content will be very beautiful and sharp.

Model PNA51
Printing method Heat transfer printing
Application Printing labels on flat surface
Product Condition For moving object
Placement of printers and labels PAbove or beside the object and below
Object height: Objects have the same height
Speed 3600 products/hour
Decal labels All decal labels

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