Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine | TDNWR1

Round bottle semi-automatic labeling machine is used for pet bottles, plastic bottles and glass bottles.

The machine has 1-sided and 2-sided labelling mode around the bottle body.

Widely used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Easy gluing for small diameter bottles.

LIt has the most economical price of all labeling machines and it can stick all kinds of decal labels.

Labeling machine with built-in date printing.

Semi-Automatic Square Bottle Labeling Machine | LPM100V

Designed for labeling square and flat bottles to both flat and curved surfaces.

The height of the label is up to 130mm and 100mm for the width.

The size of the desktop square bottle labeling machine is compact.

Can stick both front and back labels in 1 operation.

Change bottles instantly using the built-in sliders.

It is convenient for you to set all the necessary parameters

Having high standard of precision machining, ACTUAL error is always less than 1mm.

Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine | TDNWR2

The semi-automatic round bottle labelling machine is used for all kinds of bottles such as pet bottles, glass and plastic bottles of all kinds.

It can apply 1 label around the bottle or 2 front-back labels with 1 adjustment on the machine.

Widely used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Suitable for small and medium diameter bottles, especially bottles with long necks like wine bottles; Support taper bottle labelling.

Expiry date printer can be integrated.

Vertical machine design, saving space, quick operation.

Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labelling Machine | TDNWR3

Round bottle labelling machine is used for medium and large diameter ones.

In particular, it is used for PET bottles with handles such as cooking oil bottles or convex bottles, bottles with large weights.

It has 1-label and 2-label modes around the body and can be switched easily.

The most accurate semi-automatic round bottle labelling machine.

Equipped with wheels for easy movement in the factory.

Labelling machine with built-in date printing.

Semi-Automatic Surface Labeling Machine | LPM100

LPM100 is used to label the surface of boxes, bags, jar lids, bottle surfaces, products of any shape and even tube products. It is precisely controlled using compressed air for labeling. This is a versatile device in labeling

Model LPM100
Policy 1 year warranty, free maintenance
Machine dimensions (D) 334 mm x (R) 590 mm x (C) 540 m
Maximum label size 100×130 mm (DxR)
Minimum label size 20x20mm (DxR)
Speed 15-25 products/minute
Error Less than 1mm
Use for Labeling on the surface of lids, boxes, bags, etc. .

Tape Box Sealing Machine | 50TTC

Used for cutting and gluing the sealing tape to the corner of the box (the "L" shape). The tape size and sealing position are always the same between boxes. Therefore, with the tape with the brand name printed, it looks very beautiful.

Model 50TTC
Tape type Industrial tape, clear tape
Machine dimensions 230 x 508 x 254 mm
Maximum tape size 48 x 48 mm
Minimum tape size 25x25 mm (DxR)
Speed labelling 15-25 products/minute
Error 1 mm
Machine weight 13.5 kg

Box Corner Sealing Decal Labeling Machine | 20CSL

The box corner sealing decal labeling machine is used to prevent unnecessary opening of the product. The machine can seal for many different products such as boxes, tubes, cans, etc. It has a small size so it can be placed on the table and convenient to work.

Model 20CSL
Applications: Anti-counterfeiting stamps, transparent seals…
Machine dimensions: 570 (D) x 200(R) x 260(C) mm
Maximum label size 40 x 40 mm
Label roll diameter Φ250mm, đường kính trong 76mm
Speed 15-25 products/minute
Error Less than 1mm
Power supply 100-240VAC
Weight 7.8kg

Roll Label Label Separator | 150LD

MThe 150LD has a function that automatically separates the decal from the base for faster labeling. It has built-in date printer and counter to save time in production. In addition, it also separates small labels.

Model 150LD
Label type All roll decals
Standard label size 130 x 200 mm (add module if larger)
Power supply 100-240V
Integration capabilities Máy in phun date; bộ đếm nhãn
Speed 15-40 labels/min (depending on label size)
Min label size 10mm x 25mm
Max roll diameter 250mm

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