Hand sanitizer filling line

As the covid 19 epidemic progresses more and more complicatedly, the use of hand sanitizer to disinfect is increasingly popular. With increased awareness of the need for hand sanitizer, you must find new ways to meet the demand. And a hand sanitizer filling line is what you need to meet the increasing needs of consumers. With many different types of machines in the hand sanitizer filling line, Tin Dan will provide appropriate solutions depending on customer needs. In addition, Tin Dan also provides labeling machines, suitable for integration into complete production lines.

Hand sanitizer filling line is manufactured with 304 stainless steel frame. The machine has PLC control and HMI touch screen to ensure Precise, reliable control with minimal operator intervention.

The line can be suitable for other products such as: fish sauce, chili sauce, honey, yogurt, lotion, lubricant oil…

Each different factory will have different working processes and productivity. Contact us via Hotline: 090 383 5500  for advice on machine models suitable for your hand sanitizer filling process.

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