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Physiological saline and alcohol filling machine

Automatic physiological saline and alcohol filling machine is designed for pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It is flexible in product changes and can be easily maintained, the touch panel is operator friendly and quick to change.

Integrates with unscramblers, rinsing, filling, capping and labeling machines.

The whole production line can be customized upon request.

Made of SUS#304 or SUS#316 stainless steel and aluminum alloy that meets cGMP standards for easy maintenance and extended service life.

This is the latest production line equipment with the most advanced technology. It can automatic filling with high precision, easy to control through touch screen.

It can automatically fill physiological saline, alcohol with volume of 100-5000ml, special solution, dialysis solution, nutrients in syringe, antibiotics, irrigation and disinfection solution, etc

Tin Dan provides physiological saline and alcohol filling lines including:


Belt Unscramblers (long type)

Automatic Unscramblers is the first machine in the bottle filling and packing line system.

It has a capacity of up to 2000 bottles for once

Speed from 60 to 200 bottles/min. Made of 304 and S.S 316 stainless steel.

The touch screen makes it easy to operate and the control buttons are easy to handle and change operations.

This is one of the optimal solutions to reduce time and manpower.

Used for bottles such as: PET, HDPE, TIN, etc. with many different shapes.

Funnel Unscramblers

It is fully automatic to improve production efficiency.

Touch screen makes operation easy.

Speed can be adjusted to meet production requirements.

The rotary motion makes the bottle approach sequential.

This is one of the optimal solutions to cut down on time and manpower.

Made of SUS#304 stainless steel according to GMP standard.


Water Bottle Rinsing Machine

Automatic water bottle rinsing machine is bottle cleaning equipment in liquid filling line.

This multifunction machine meets GMP requirements for washing glass and plastic bottles.

Clean the residual pollutants or dust inside the container by the high pressure of water.

A solenoid valve is provided to allow adjustment of the wash time.

Extremely flexible and able to adapt to many different types of requirements.

Easy to use and clean, has a low maintenance time.

Air bottle rinsing machine

High-pressure filtered air combines with vacuum to maximize the removal of contaminants from the container.

Ionized air, compressed air and vacuum.

Clean dust on the inside walls of bottles and containers.

Switching between products is flexible and simple.

Various bottle shapes and sizes can be used.

Automatic control by high-tech control equipment.

icon-may-chiet-rot FILLING MACHINES

Piston Filling Machine

Filling products such as solid soaps, sauces, mineral water, shampoos, lotions, etc.

Filling capacity can be up to 150 products depending on product type.

All parts in contact with raw materials are made of 316 stainless steel.

The filling pistons are controlled by the servo system.

The filling pistons are controlled by the servo system.

No foaming during filling.

Gravity Filling Machine

Gravity filling machine is suitable for corrosive chemicals such as lubricants, pesticides, paints, bleach, etc.

Controlled by PLC touch screen. Easy and convenient adjustment.

Large tank volume, ultra-high anti-corrosion design./span>

Suitable for large volume products. No bottles, no fillings.

icon-may-siet-nap-chai BOTTLE CAPPING MACHINES

Press Capping Machine

The press capping machine has a capacity of 80 - 120 products / minute.

Control and error system will be done via PLC touch screen

Products can be changed quickly.

Less power consumption.

Accurate and repeatable performance.

No bottle, no cap.

Capping machine with nozzle

The capping machine with nozzle has a capacity of 80 - 120 products / minute.

Stainless steel frame and can bear heavy loads.

PLC control by touch screen control panel with easy access to all settings./span>

Precisely activated suction tube centering system.

The capping roller is driven by servo motor.

Fast and simple conversion.

Screw capping machine

Thread capping machine has a capacity of 80 - 120 products / minute.

PLC touch screen is used for control system and error message.

Quick product exchange.

Less power consumption.

Accurate and repeatable performance.

No bottle, no cap.

Each different factory will have different working process and productivity. Contact us via Hotline: 090 383 5500 for more specific advice.

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