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Eye drop and sterile filling machine

Automatic eyedropper filling and capping machine also known as aseptic filling machine includes: a side turntable, 304 stainless steel bar conveyor, filling machine with 8-head filling spout made of stainless steel SS – 316, automatic silicone button feeding and pressing system, bottle feeding and screwing system, compact control panel easy to operate etc.

Due to its special nature, the machine is designed in a closed environment to reduce the risk of contamination. It always operates in a sterile area and all parts that come into contact with liquids are made of SS 316. Body components are made of sturdy SS 304 stainless steel. Without vials and caps, the system will automatically stop the machine. Fully automatic through the control panel, setting parameters is easy and fast.

Tin Dan provides eye drop filling lines including:


Funnel Unscramblers

It is fully automatic to improve production efficiency.

Touch screen makes operation easy.

Speed can be adjusted to meet production requirements.

The rotary motion makes the bottle approach sequential.

This is one of the optimal solutions to cut down on time and manpower.

Made of SUS#304 stainless steel according to GMP standard.


Water And Airjet Rinsing Machine

Water and airjet bottle rinsing machine has a capacity of 50 – 90 bottles/min.

Automatic PLC control system by 4.3in touch screen.

It cleans and dries bottles by continuous high air and water pressure.

The machine frame is made of sturdy 304 stainless steel.

Flexible and adaptable to a variety of bottle patterns.

Easy to use and clean, has a low maintenance time.

icon-may-chiet-rot FILLING MACHINES

Flow Meter Filler

Flow meter filler can fill a variety of bottles and bags with different shapes.

Using advanced technology filling system from Korea to prevent foaming and dripping.

The automatic machine uses an extremely sensitive dosing sensor system at each filling head.

It is suitable for handling viscous and foamy products in fields such as chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

icon-may-siet-nap-chai BOTTLE CAPPING MACHINES

Single head capping machine

The press capping machine has a capacity of 40 products/minute.

Control and error system will be done via PLC touch screen

Torque control by servo motor.

Threaded cap and push cap can be applied

No bottle, no cap.

Each different factory will have different working process and productivity. Contact us via Hotline: 090 383 5500 for more specific advice.

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