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Tablet counting line

Function : Filling tablets into bottles with exact quantity
Application : Precise packing of tablet products into bottles
Speed : There are different designs according to customer’s requirements
Integration : System for handling and cleaning the packaging before filling
Operation : Fully automatic from cap feeding to bottling filling

 Application: The tablet filling line is used to fill the right amount of pellets into the bottle instead of measuring by weight or volume like other conventional ones. Tin Dan mainly supplies this line for pharmaceuticals.


Automatic unscramblers: If it is a glass bottle, then a combination of unscrambler and bottle wash. The machine will automatically put the bottle on the conveyor belt. If it is a plastic bottle, there are other processes such as washing the bottle first then feeding the bottle to the conveyor and using an ion gas and UV bottle cleaning machine.

Tablet Counting Filling Machine : There are different shapes of tablets. Depending on the speed, there are different number of filling nozzles and tablet counting. It operates stably without false counting errors and the whole machine is shielded and uses a material that allows direct contact with the tablets.

Automatic aluminum/plastic cap tightening machine:  This is a mandatory equipment of all production lines. Tin Dan provides automatic cap tightening machines for many different types (push button, threaded button, …).

Labeling machine: The labeling machine depends on the bottle shape, not on the filling agent. We have a wide range of labeling machines for round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc.

Date printer: Usually the printer is integrated on the labeling machine to both paste and print and finish the packaging process.