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Cream filling line

Application : Filling cream, shower gel, cosmetic, pharmaceutical
Packaging type : Filling for cream tubes, cream jars
Filling speed : Up to 30 – 120 products/minute (depending on product type, bottle and customer requirements)
Certification : GMP standard in design and operation
Includes many equipment : bottle feeding machine, automatic bottle cleaning CIP system, labeling and cap tightening and date inkjet printer.


Cream filling tube

Tube filling is a near-must-have for major cosmetic manufacturers. It is used for filling liquids with relative viscosity from about 50,000cp to 100,000cp, typically cream.

The cream filling line system includes: Pumping cream from the storage tank to the intermediate tank to wait for the pouring signal. Cosmetic tubes are automatically supplied to the cleaning stations before entering the filling area. There is almost no collision with any part of the machine during operation and product change.

Normally, the tube packaging will be printed before pouring. A few factories use a machine to label the tube after filling. 

Cream filling jars

The filling line for cream jars has more equipment because it is easy to automate in many production processes. Depending on the size of the factory, there are different investment segments.

There are machines such as machines for cleaning and drying jars before packing and filling, fully automatic ice cream filling machines, machines for placing liner after filling in jars, sealing machines for ice cream jars and labeling machines.