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Design Orientation : Standard of durability, precision, saving materials and space
Filling speed : According to customer’s request
Standard : GMP cGMP
Integration : Inkjet date printing and SCADA system integration if required
Operation : Fully automatic PLC and HMI


Automatic unscramblers: If it is a glass bottle, then a combination of unscrambler and bottle wash. The machine will automatically put the bottle on the conveyor belt. If it is a plastic bottle, there are other processes such as washing the bottle first then feeding the bottle to the conveyor and using an ion gas and UV bottle cleaning machine..

MPowder filling machine: Depending on whether the powder is fine or not, how sticky it is, there is a suitable filling machine. You can learn more about our powder filling machine via the link above.

Automatic aluminum/plastic cap tightening machine:  This is a mandatory equipment of all production lines. Tin Dan provides automatic cap tightening machines for many different types (push button, threaded button, …).

Decal labeling machine: depending on the type of powder bottle being packed, we have suitable labeling solutions.

Date printer: This is an indispensable device of every factory. In addition, it can also print logos, images, QR codes, etc.