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Function : Pour liquid from unscramblers to finished product
Speed : 60/90/120 products/minute
Standard : GMP, cGMP
Tank capacity : Medium design can hold up to 150ltr
Additional options : CSubmersible pouring mode / aerial pouring / integrated drip tray.


Automatic unscramblers It will automatically put bottles on conveyor at high speed instead of human power. Tin Dan has developed 2 types: plastic unscramblers and glass unscramblers (with fragile properties).

Automatic liquid filling machine: Filling for a variety of liquids such as chili sauce, cooking oil, chemicals, honey, etc. Materials are automatically taken from the tank to the intermediate hopper, quantified (there are many suitable dosing methods) and filled. The number of pouring spouts can be 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 or 12 faucets depending on customer requirements.

Automatic cap tightening machine: Used to tighten many different types of caps. The most common is to tighten the plastic cap and tighten the aluminum cap. Unscramblers are fully automatic from the lid holder without people . Tighten the cap with full load, no thread damage and many other outstanding features.

Automatic bottle decal labeling machine: There are different types of bottle labeling machines. If the speed is about 1500 bottles/hour, you should use a semi-automatic gluing machine. With a high speed of 2000-6000 bottles/hour, you should use a small capacity automatic machine. With 7000 products/hour or more, you should use a high-capacity automatic labeling machine.

Date closing machines: We have a wide range of machines that can be used independently or integrated into the production line.