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 TIN DAN has always been a pioneer in anti-counterfeiting solutions in Vietnam.Counterfeit goods appear more and more, causing loss of revenue and threat to property and health of consumers. However, science and technology are developing more and more, so anti-counterfeiting technology is highly effective.

Tin Dan “TDN” is the only company in Vietnam that has been certified as a London-based IHMA member. As a member of the world-class association, “TDN” will bring the most advanced anti-counterfeiting solution and guarantee the exclusive use of Hologram design. IHMA’s strict management enhances security and brand value, and it is completely impossible to copy designs in the Association.

Anti-counterfeiting technology

GAnti-counterfeiting solutions are always prioritized by Tin Dan to invest in gray matter, so that we can come up with the most optimal solution to combat fakes, imitations, and substandard goods. This helps businesses ensure the value of products and goods of clear origin and protect the company’s reputation and brand through the advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies tthat Tin Dan provides.

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Anti-counterfeiting labels

Tin Dan’s anti-counterfeiting label designs all use advanced E-beam hologram technology with the highest security, exclusively used and protected by the world-class IHMA Manufacturers Association. It brings benefits to consumers and businesses. Tin Dan is proud to be the first company in Vietnam to grant an exclusive certificate to design hologram logos for customers.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions on anti-counterfeiting label are the most popular with TDN’s customers in Vietnam because their effectiveness is much higher than the complicated packaging design that many brands are using.

The closed security process enhances security and provides tools to help businesses and consumers check and confirm whether it’s a real or fake product. It saves you from needing a third party or having to hesitate when you can’t distinguish the real from the fake.

In addition, Tin Dan has also succeeded in combining anti-counterfeiting solutions with information technology to manage products such as import and export, authentication via SMS or QR code, GS1 product supply chain management system…

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